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Founded in 1974, Kennekuk County Park is 3000 acres in size and is located five miles west of Danville. It is bordered on the west by the Middle Fork National Scenic River and the Middle Fork State Wildlife Area (3000 acres). Kickapoo State Park (3000 acres) is three miles to the south. These vast public ownerships (except Kickapoo) were purchased in the 1970’s for the creation of the Middle Fork Reservoir. The project was never developed past the initial stages due to lack of funding and environmental opposition.

Kennekuk County Park is an oak-hickory forest type with native tall grass prairie areas. It contains three Illinois Nature Preserves within its boundaries (Windfall Prairie, Horseshoe Bottoms and Fairchild Cemetery).

Park General Information

Lake Mingo is a 170 acre lake within the park. There is a 9.5 HP limit. Lake decals are required.

Kennekuk County Park offers archery deer, turkey, waterfowl and upland game hunting. See Recreational Opportunities for more information. A Visitor Center is open daily except holidays and weekends during winter months. It includes a natural history museum, 1000 gallon aquarium and a Native American display.

 Rental buildings for family reunions and picnics are available. Reservations for current calendar year begin with the first workday after January 1st. The rental buildings include:

Fees are determined by group number. For reservations call: 217-442-1691


End of Hunting Season(mid-January) to mid-March: 6 am – 6 pm

Mid-May to October 1: 6 am – 11 pm

October 1 to Standard Time: 5 am – 11 pm

Standard Time to mid-January: 5 am – 8 pm

During Holiday Lights: open until 8 pm

There is NO entrance fee to the park.