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Historic Areas

Historic preservation and interpretation is a major commitment of the Vermilion County Conservation District, especially at Kennekuk County Park, location of the "Collins Site", site of an old Native American village and burial mound.

  • Collins Site - named to the Illinois Historic Register; located on the flood plain of the Middle Fork River.
  • Bunker Hill Historic Area - located at Kennekuk County Park; consists of Vermilion Chapel (1886, original site) , Red Oak School (circa 1917, then rebuilt due to fire, relocated), Neff Store (1912, relocated), Atwood Home (1892, relocated) Mack and Son Agency  Barber Shop Dry-Cleaning and Laundry (Oakwood Barber Shop 1901, relocated), Laury Barn (Meyersville Mill 1843, then Laury Barn 1912,  relocated and replacement timber 60% used in 2001 reconstruction), Bismarck Train Depot (1874, relocated), O'Leary's Dining Car (1947, relocated), Herb Garden Herb House (late 1800's, relocated).  Print Shop (2008); reproduction of a print shop that utililizes materials from the former Douglas School in Danville.  The Bunker Hill Historic Area Commemorative Brochure and Walking Tour Guide is available for $3.00 at the Kennekuk Visitor's Center.
  • Pioneer Homestead - located at Forest Glen Preserve; reproduction of log home and barn; kitchen herb garden.

Pioneer Homestead at Forest Glen

Fueling up at Neff Grocery, Bunker Hill Historic Area

Laury Barn as it stood on Arrowhead Drive, north of Danville

Dismantling the barn during the winter of 2001 by Masterbilt Construction

Dismantling the Laury Barn

Re-construction begins at its new site at the Bunker Hill Historic Area on December 7, 2001. The first wall (5,000 lbs) is set by a 50 ton crane.

Example of joint work on sill plates. Notice original 1843 timber that was once an upright in the original structure is now used as a sill plate. Some of the old timbers were not structurally sound to be used in their original places.

Dan Masters, of Masterbilt Construction, puts good use to the phrase "Don't use force...use a bigger hammer"

The main body of the barn takes shape.

When complete, it will be 35 feet high and contain 3500 sq. ft. of floor space.

The construction crew on December 7 included the VCCD "Nail Bangers"

Construction of the Laury Barn continues in 2002 with the addition of lean-to sides.

Lean-to sides have now been added to the Laury Barn.

Vermilion Chapel is the only original building in the Bunker Hill Historic Area, built in 1863.

Roof nailers are in place on Laury Barn before the installation of the cedar shingles.

Landscaping around the Atwood Home began in 2001, before the interior of the house was renovated.

A view of Laury Barn from the North side.

Laury Barn was used for the "Kids Barn" during Haunted Happenings.

The Bismarck Train Depot makes the turn through the main entrance at Kennekuk County Park.

The Depot is nearing its final destination; traveling down Sycamore Street.

The Depot is permanently set in the Bunker Hill Historic Area.

Exterior painting continues.

The Atwood Home as viewed from the roof of Neff Grocery.

A tool shed was built to house our antique tool collection.

The grape arbor.

The grape arbor produced a bountiful harvest in 2004.

Zinnias and cleome dominate the south border garden.

Amaranth cardinal climber and native sunflower add color to the front porch area.


Moving the O'Leary's Dining Car