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Forest Glen Trail Run -
3rd Race in the Central Illinois Ultramarathon Series 

October 18, 2014    0800 Start

50K  (5 myriameter)
10.6 and 5.0 mile races

The Forest Glen Preserve is a beautiful beech-maple and oak-hickory forested Nature Preserve.  The race will coincide with peak fall foliage.  The race is a fundraiser for the Vermilion County Conservation District Foundation and all registration fees go directly to the Foundation.  The new 10.6 mile course wanders along the streams and the Vermilion River.  The course is easier than the previous year's course, although quite challenging; mostly single tract wooded running with steep up and downhills. Be sure that this will challenge the most hardy trail runner! 

If you have questions about the preserve call 217-662-2142 or visit Forest Glen general information

If you have questions about the race, please contact the race directors:
Bob O'Brien or Mike Ingrum

Forest Glen Preserve is located 7 miles east of Westville on County Highway 5. Copious parking is available adjacent to the start/finish area (Gannett Education Center)

Map to the Starting Area

2014 Forest Glen Trail Run - All Race Courses
2014 Forest Glen Trail Run - Gannett 5-mile race course
2014 Forest Glen Trail Run - Big Woods 5-mile loop

10.6 Mile Course map

Aid Stations:
Full aid (food, gel, replenishment drinks) will be available at the start/finish line (Gannett Education Center, mile 10.3 and 20.6) and mile 5.9 (16.2, 26.5) at the top of the East Camp Hill.  Smaller unmanned replenishment drink-only aid stations may be added if race temperatures are high.

Average Daily Information for Danville, IL - October 15, 2011:
Twilight: 6:33 am
Sunrise: 7:00 am
Sunset: 6:13 pm
Twilight: 6:40 pm
Day length: 11h 12m
Maximum Temperature: 66.6o F
Minimum Temperature: 43.3o F
Mean Temperature: 55.0o F
Latitude 40o08'N
Longitude 087o39'W

  All races start and finish at the Gannett Education Center  

Runner Limit:
The runner limit will attempt to minimize impact on the registered Illinois Nature Preserve on the race course; Duffin Woods, 200 acres.

50 runners in the 50K race
25 runners in each of the 5-mile & 10-mile race

The race is a fundraiser for the Vermilion County Conservation District Foundation and all registration fees go directly to the Foundation.

The race organization and directors receive no portion of any registration fees.  All expenses of the race are paid by donations.  Please support our sponsors.

Registration:  registration closes October 1, 2014

Registration Fees
50K 10 Mile 5 Mile
$60.00 before 9/1/14 $30.00 before 9/1/14 $20.00 before 9/1/14
$70.00 9/1 - 10/1/14 $35.00 9/1 - 10/1/14 $25.00 9/1 - 10/1/14
50K 10-mile 5-mile
running tee shirt running tee shirt running tee shirt
finishers receive a medallion & a hand made ceramic mug finishers receiva a medallion finishers receive a medallion
overall male/female winners receive larger ceramic awards    

Please do NOT park on the grass.  Additional parking is available up the hill from the Gannett Center.

Forest Glen Preserve Information

Course Records 5-mile
Men Open 2012 Corey Plotner 48:20
Women Open 2012 Theresa Kissane 54:37
Men Master (>50) 2012 Bob O'Brien 53:00
Women Master (>50) 2011 Jane Domier 1:06:17

50K - 2013 Course (3x10.6 mile Backpack Trail loop)
Men Open 2013 Rob Raguet-Schofield 4:55:23
  2013 Sam Bird 5:04:48
  2013 David Quinn 5:42:24
Men Master (>50) 2013 Tim Koh 5:46:44
Women Open 2013 Kirsten Pieper 6:26:30

50K - 2011 & 2012 Course (6 x 5-mile Big Woods Loop
Men Open 2011 James Roche 5:09:27
Men Master 2011 Bob O'Brien 6:14:25
Women Open 2012 Ellen Byron 6:16:40

10.6 Mile (2013)
Women Open Nancy Finfrock 1:37:44
Women Master   Julie Hines 2:41:20
Men Open/Master   Janak Patel 1:47:49

2013 50K winner, Rob Raguet-Schofield Race Report
2013 Forest Glen Trail Run Results
2012 Forest Glen Trail Run Results
2011 Forest Glen Trail Run Results
2011 Forest Glen Trail Run Conservationist Article


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